STARK-Magazine 1st series

Editors of STARK-Magazine are in the business of promoting great photography and artists. They spend many hours each week considering, inviting and sharing artwork from photographers living and traveling all over our beautiful planet.

Mr. Simone Zeffiro – Artistic Director & Contributor of STARK-Magazine one day wrote me:

Hello, my name is Simone Zeffiro. I’m an Italian Fine Art Photographer and Artistic Director for STARK-Magazine. I noted your images and I’d like to promote/publish some of them on our channels … If you are interested, please, get in touch with me by email.

So I wrote to mr. Zeffiro and we agreed to cooperate. The first series of still life with forks was published in the online magazine and I am delighted that my friends from STARK-Magazine gave space for the presentation of my work.

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