Club photo of the month – September 2016

Club photo of the month - April 2016

Fotoklub PAF 5,6 arose from a non-binding meeting Presov photo enthusiasts in the spring of 2014. It is composed of members who work on photographic field for a long time, but even beginners with a serious interest in photography. Everyone in this hobby’s leisure time, or in other words – ,, fulfill their soul. ” Fotoklub focuses on creating and bringing photos into artistic-oriented art movement. Members are trying to give his work a little more to their photographs and talked story could take the viewer. We are a team of 16 people with a common interest, properly tuned for healthy competition, which is confirmed regularly by participating in international salons and competitions, either as individuals or as a whole in photographic clubs competitions. Club mission is to enhance the theoretical, creative and technical level of its members, to create conditions for their activities in the field of photography and presenting his own photographic work in various forms. Our doors are open for new candidates.

My photo were published as “club photo of the month” September 2016

Tree Of Eternal Life
Tree Of Eternal Life

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